Sept 30th – Oct 9th

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Local Events

Local Event Participant Organizations

Across the Globe

World Commons Week (WCW) local events are self-organized meetings promoting discussion and inquiry on a wide range variety of commons themes. In the inaugural WCW 2018 we had 35 such local events. In WCW 2019, 55 local events were organized. 

In 2020, in the midst of a global pandemic, it is obviously a different type of year, with a limited number of in-person local events limited because — quite properly — of social distancing. But even so, in WCW 2020 we do have a number of self-organized local events that are using online meeting formats to encourage commons research and practice-related dialog.

 The map below highlights the 57 locations around the world participating in these local, self-organized online events (see below).  

Note: given that WCW is an official event of the IASC, we respectfully request that all local event organizers become IASC members. See here for more information on IASC memberships.